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Installations, Video Objects, Sculpture
The Sweetened Reality of the Threefold Nature of Memory - 2010  

A looped animation is projected onto a screen made of compressed sugar. Behind this “sweet screen” is a crystalline sculpture made of white plexiglass. A series of nozzles above the “sweet screen” mists water that dissolves the sugar. As the “sweet screen” dematerializes, the projected animation reflects off the plexiglass surface behind it and is distorted.


video excert of The Sweetened Reality of the Threefold Nature of Memory

This is a 30 minute video sped up to 3 minutes.


The Assumption of Critical Mass - 2009-2010

A series of nozzles randomly drips dyed water onto a structure made of compressed sugar. Over time the sugar structure is dissolved leaving blue water in its place.


video of The Assumption of Critical Mass

This is a stop motion video taken over an 8 hour period.


Hoodwink - 2009

Two custom built web guns shoot plastic, heated to a liquid state, back and forth at one another. Over time a pattern emerges that resembles a dysfunctional web. The images below are some of the patterns that developed.


video of webguns firing

This is a video of the prototype design.

Preservation Reservation series - 2009

Organic objects are cocooned in a webbing of superfine plastic threads created by heating glue to a liquid state and exposing them to a stream of air. Over a period of months, the organic substances decompose, eventually leaving a hollow plastic matrix. The plant medium is used solely as a scaffold for the plastic architecture that captures the original physique of the fruit or vegetable. Also explored in this series was cocooning used utilitatrian objects that have exceeded their use-value.


The Anthropic Principle - 2003-present

When complete, The Anthropic Principle will be an installation consisting of a hexagon shaped room that the viewer will be able to enter. Inside will be a time-line like sculpture that will wrap around five of six walls. The sixth wall will provide the entry way. Each wall will be 8 feet by 8 feet. The time-line like sculpture will begin on the first wall to the left of the entry. The time-line will start with a single small wood hexagon that will contain a queen bee cast in resin. Steel bars connect the single hexagon to a cluster of three bee-filled hexagons. The time-line will progress with larger and larger hexagon clusters, wrapping around the entire room until it reaches the last wall which will be almost completely covered with approximately 500 hexagons. Each hexagon in a cluster will contain a bee. The time-line sculpture will be set off the wall 9” and illuminated by diffused LED lights. Close observation of each hexagon will reveal several bees with multiple abdomens.  The hexagons containing bees with multiple abdomens will be scattered throughout the sculpture. They will systematically progress from a few bees with two abdomens in the first few small hexagon clusters to bees with three, four, and eventually five abdomens in the last wall.